Sunday 28th October 2018– Ascot

10.00am – 3.00 pm




Present:       Maggie Brocklehurst                    – Chairman

Christine Clist                              – Secretary

Zoe English                                 – Public Relations (external)

Aimee Newton                             – Training & Standards Officer

Jo-anne Standen                         – Website Co-ordinator (guest)

Kalyani Verma                            – Membership Officer (guest)

Luke Voulgarakis                         – Diploma Board Officer


Apologies:     Rosanna Meyer                          – Marketing (internal)

Nancy Driver                               – Treasurer




Two matters to amend from previous minutes:-

  • Teacher register – number stated 36 should have read 136.
  • Home printing reimbursement for CPD Certificates printed on 160gsm paper can     be claimed at 12p per sheet.   If using 80gsm it’s 7p per sheet. Full colour double sided printing it’s 20p per sheet.


As always I open the Chair report with a massive thank to you all for the work you do for Friends of Yoga.  The appreciation not only comes from me but from the rest of the Friends of Yoga community.  I have received many written and verbal comments of appreciation during the last six months, at the AGM, the Devon CPD weekend and from day to day connection with our members.

A very warm welcome to Luke Voulgarakis who took over from Jo Guest and babysat the role of Diploma Board Officer, before being officially voted onto the Executive Committee at the AGM. Thank you Jo for the work you have done over the last two years as DBO.   Welcome back to Aimee Newton, Training and Standards Officer after maternity leave.  Norma Jones will be continuing in the background helping Aimee with Training and Standards administration behind a computer in Cyprus!  Nancy Driver will be leaving soon for Canada and I wish her well with a massive thank you for her two years in the role as Treasurer.  I agree with Nancy that the time has come for the accounts for Friends of Yoga to be handed over to a professional accountancy firm who will also act as auditors.  Nancy has contacted an accountancy firm in South Ascot for a quote to oversee our twice yearly balance sheets and communicate with our new Treasurer Lesley Hilton.  A very big welcome to Lesley from the Executive Committee.

Devon CPD – I have written a report on the Devon CPD weekend for the next E-Newsletter.   We all had a wonderful time.  At the meeting it was agreed to donate the profit from CPD allowance for the sponsored event to Nirvanavan (£300.00).

 Bi-AGM – Thirty members attended the bi-AGM in Reading on 22nd September.  The guest speaker, Alexandra Rigazzi Tarling, was inspiring.  Jean Danford founder and Principal of Real Yoga, came all the way from Herefordshire to give us a talk on yoga therapy.  We have formed a link with Real Yoga as a progression from our 200/500 graduates to further their careers.  During the business part of the AGM Zoe and Jo gave a wonderful power point presentation on the look and functionality of the new website.  The Minutes of the AGM are on the website and I will write a fuller account in the Chairman’s Bulletin. We thank Mark Stenning, our teacher from Windsor and a professional photographer, who photographed Amanda’s Coulson’s 200 hour students during their last module in July.  From the six hundred frames that he took Zoe and Jo have selected those they wish to use for the new website.

Michelle Rider and Shelly Gook have been approved Teaching Tutors plus theory and practical assessors and will be starting their first teacher training course next year.

Prime Impact have now changed their minds and offered free tickets to all our members at this year’s show.  Rosanna sent out a Bulletin giving the details.  Only one out of the previously nine invited members had pre purchased their ticket to the show and I have asked her to submit an invoice for the cost.

I have put ‘Venue for the Next AGM’ in AOB.  I agree with comments from those present at this year’s AGM on the cleanliness, warmth (or lack of) and position of the Quaker Hall but I appreciate that it is very difficult to find a venue large enough, on a principal train route with decent nearby parking.  The numbers attending the AGM have gone up significantly over the last two AGMs.


Teacher Register

There are currently 148 teachers on the FRYOG Website Register of Teachers which is a significant increase of 12 since last report in April. You are eligible to join the register providing that you are a FRYOG trained teacher and a current member of FRYOG.  Going forward, with the new website, members will be able to add/amend their own details on to the Teacher Register.


Report unavailable – but the balance in the FRYOG Account is currently £18,330 with expenses to be deducted.



I am delighted to have joined the FRYOG board, and would like to thank Jo for doing an excellent job and handover over to me so smoothly.

Please see below stats for 2017/18 courses:


Tutors –

Helen Sutcliff (3 students)

Sheila Coombes (4 students)

Debbie Avery (16 students)

Vicky Bedford (8 students)

Stats –

31 enrolled

6 withdrew

25 passed

 200 Hour:

Tutors –

Vicky Bedford (8 students)

Amanda Coulson (7 students)

Stats –

15 enrolled

15 passed

500 Hour:

Tutor –

Sheila Coombes (7 students)

Stats –

7 enrolled

2 withdrew

1 passed

4 outstanding

Courses In Progress/Starting:


Tutors –

Amanda Coulson (11 students)

Vicky Bedford (8 students)

Helen Sutcliffe (4 students)

200 Hour:

Tutors –

Helen Sutcliff (3 students) – Already passed!

Lucy Barlow / Donna Poingdestre (8 students)

Debbie Avery (11 students)

Vicky Bedford (8 students)



2017/18 2018/19
Enrolled 53 61
Withdrew 8 0
Passed 41 3
Outstanding 4 58
Total new teachers (200hr): 15 30 (estimated)




Norma handed back to Aimee now that she has returned to the committee after her period on Maternity Leave and Aimee thanked Norma for covering the CPD administration so efficiently.


 Marketing (Rosanna)

Nothing to report this time.

PR (Zoe)


The new website is almost ready.  The committee previewed the site and further suggestions/amendments were agreed and further work will be involved before we can go live.

Publication Advertising

We have been offered and accepted a free advert in December’s issue of Yoga Magazine.


 Member summary to date – 28/10/18

Total number of members recorded – 496

Non renewals – 46


 New venue to be found for 2020 AGM.  DB Officer agreed to research this.

Carole Kerton is to be offered Honorary Life Membership for her long and selfless services to FRYOG.

Following observations and feedback from previous students, the DB Officer put forward some suggestions for review on the diploma documentation.  These were agreed and small amendments will be made.

Car stickers (FRYOG Qualified Teacher) are being purchased and will be sent out with the diploma documentation pack when students have passed their training.  For existing teachers – the stickers will be made available from the Area Officers who will give them out at their CPD days for a donation (£1.00). The money will be donated to Nirvanavan.

When the new website is up and running, members will be able to use the FRYOG logo for their own use.

Date and venue for next meeting

Next Executive Committee Meeting – 7th April 2019

Next Bi-AGM – September 2020 – Venue to be arranged