Sunday 17th March 2019– Liss Forest
11.00 am – 2.30 pm


Present: Maggie Brocklehurst – Chairman
Christine Clist – Secretary Luke Voulgarakis – Diploma Board Officer
Jo-anne Standen – Website Co-ordinator (guest)

Apologies: Tasha Wellstead – Marketing (internal)
Lesley Hilton – Treasurer
Aimee Newton – Training & Standards Officer
Zoe English – Public Relations (external)


One matter to amend from previous minutes:-
Teaching Tutor should have read Michelle Mullard not Michelle Rider


Well we got there in the end – the wonderful new website is up and running. Thank you all for your work, your patience, tenacity, time and whole hearted effort to bring this project to fruition. I have had lots of compliments on the website and thank you to those who have personally telephoned and communicated with members to enable them to register and upload their teacher details.

We have a full complement of Executive Committee members and Admin Officers now that Lesley Hilton has officially taken over the Treasurer’s post from Nancy and Tasha Wellstead has taken over the Marketing Role from Rosanna. We have instructed a professional accountant, Richard Preedy from Tax Assist in South Ascot, to produce the half yearly accounts and to act as Auditor. I met with Richard and Nancy just before Christmas and I’m delighted that he will be acting for us. As well as producing accounts for very large London based charities he has a wealth of experience in producing accounts for small Charities and Clubs. Richard is only able to view our bank account. The only people who can pay invoices are Lesley and Chris.

We also have Area Officers in all Areas including the large split South West. Welcome to Amy Billings who has volunteered to be Area Officer of South West (S). Amy is already in the process of organizing her first CPD and recently sent out a lovely welcoming e-mail to all those on the GDPR list for her area plus neighbouring areas. Kay Sarna did the same and it was lovely to receive these chatty communications.

Sheila Coombes is running another weekend of CPDs in Ashprington, Devon (south of Totnes). One day is a sponsored day the other day Sheila will be introducing a guest speaker. All the active Area Officers will be receiving their pull up banners at Friends of Yoga CPD events very soon. Thank you to Zoe for organizing these and the car stickers which will be distributed to the AOs for donation payment of £1. Proceeds to go to Nirvanavan.


These reports are amalgamated this time:-
As at 15th March the membership numbers were 489 members, 11 members not renewing, 116 members have yet to renew (although more members have renewed since the meeting). A final communication will be sent out at the end of March to those who have not renewed advising them that their membership will have ceased.

Number of members successfully on the new online membership system = 234 and again this figure is rising daily. Membership renewal for on-line subscriptions will now be on a rolling twelve month period eg if your membership commenced in March, your renewal will be due the following March.

155 members paid by standing order this year – unfortunately the launch of the new website on-line renewal was not quite early enough for members’ to cancel their standing orders and renew their annual subscription via the website. However, we will be encouraging members to do this next year. A few members with standing orders also paid on-line but these were quickly identified and refunded. 17 payments were made via PayPal this time but this will not be an option next year. There have been a handful of cheque payments which is not encouraged due to the administration involved.


The Treasurer enquired as to the PayPal Account could be closed now that we are using Stripe and this was confirmed.

Friends of Yoga Society Statement of Revenue & Expenditure for the Year Ending 31 March 2019

REVENUE                                  31-Mar-19                                                                     31-Mar-18

Membership Subscriptions         10,147                                                                               8,588
Other Income                                     108                                                                                       0
Diploma Award Fees                         440                                                                                    432
Donations                                           360                                                                                    343
Teacher Register                               632                                                                                    210
Professional Development           1,549                                                                                   220
CNHC                                                       0                                                                                     30
TOTAL REVENUE                          13,237                                                                                9,823
Yoga Show                                         816                                                                                 3,110
Website                                           2,060                                                                                 1,694
Printed Advertisements               2,225                                                                                 1,900
Professional Development          1,927                                                                                     309
Nirvanavan Donation                       540                                                                                     240
Yoga Alliance                                      390                                                                                    193
Insurance                                            269                                                                                    269
Stationery & Printing                        198                                                                                    144
Travel & Expense                              864                                                                                     986
Diploma Admin                                      0                                                                                    325
AGM/Tutors & Assessors Mtgs       534                                                                                         0
Bank Fees & Charges                       407                                                                                       30
Accountancy                                      360                                                                                         0
Miscellaneous                                   208                                                                                       16
TOTAL EXPENDITURES              10,798                                                                               10,016
SURPLUS/(DEFICIT)                      2,438                                                                                  – 193
Statements of Assets and Liabilities

As of 31 March                               2019                                                                                  2018
Co-op Bank                                 21,689                                                                                18,447
Paypal                                               382                                                                                  1,646
TOTAL ASSETS                            22,071                                                                                20,093

Accrued costs                                      180                                                                                       0
Deferred CPD Fees (after 13st March) 0                                                                                  640

TOTAL LIABILITIES                             180                                                                                 640

NET ASSETS                                     21,891                                                                            19,453


Users on new Website:
Currently 258 users made up of 5 administrators (Charles Rodnell, Christine Clist, Joanne Standen, Kalyani Verma, Tasha Wellstead), 1 editor (Lesley Hilton) and 253 subscribers.

Currently 234 (active subscriptions)

Teachers on Register:
Currently 65 teaches have added their details here. Functionality is good. No further action.

CPD’s available: 8

Teacher Training:
Foundation, 200hrs and 500hrs syllabuses available to download. Booklist also available.

Future Actions

Implement a plan to encourage remaining members (approximately 155) to interact with website. These members currently pay by bank standing order. Ideally we would like these members to change their payment method to Stripe but if this is not possible we still need them to register their details on the website. An Administrator can then activate their membership on the new system. From an admin perspective it would be so much more streamline to have all members records on the one system.

Discuss procedure for moving completed CPD’s from CPD page to News/Members News page. Can we ask course facilitator or participants to write a review and submit for publication? Report as News on Facebook etc at same time? Provide a form on website for this purpose.

Teacher Training
None apparent presently on website. This page has the potential to be used much more effectively to promote Friends of Yoga Training. We could add a Yoga Therapy heading after the 500 hours Teacher Training offering to promote Pat Cronin’s course.

Yoga Holidays and Retreats
This was a page on our old website which needed clarification before being included on our new site. There is an agreed advertising strategy and price list, offering Bronze, Silver and Gold packages to potential advertisers, details available from our Marketing Officer. It was agreed by the Executive Committee that new adverts will be accepted and charged as and when they are received.

Our teachers get a fantastic deal re the one off fee for advertising regular classes on the Find a Teacher page. Our teachers could advertise their UK retreats here. By making the annual charge adverts would be kept up to date.

A competition is in the process of being developed. Answers to the questions will be found on the website and the prize will be a free CPD to the value of £60.00.


Please see below stats for 2018/19 courses:

Tutors –
Helen Sutcliffe (7 students)
Sheila Coombes (7 students)
Debbie Avery (11 students)
Vicky Bedford (16 students)
Nicky Short (8 students)
Amanda Coulson (11 students)
Lucy Barlow/Donna Poingdestre (8 students)
Stats –
69 enrolled
2 withdrew
11 passed so far

Courses in Progress:
Tutors –
Amanda Coulson (11 students)
Vicky Bedford (8 students)
Helen Sutcliffe (5 students)
Sheila Coombes (5 students)
Nicky Short (8 Students)
Total: 37

200 Hour:
Tutors –
Helen Sutcliffe (3 students) – Already passed
Lucy Barlow / Donna Poingdestre (8 students) – Already passed
Debbie Avery (11 students)
Vicky Bedford (6 students) – 2 withdrew
Sheila Coombes (2 students)
Total: 30
2017/18 2018/19
Enrolled 53 69
Withdrew 8 2
Passed 41 11
Outstanding 4 55

Total new teachers (200hr): 15 30 (estimated)


All current approved CPD’s are up on the website and Facebook. There are a couple more in the pipeline

T & S Officer reported that she is planning on running another subsidised CPD with Amy Billings in Waterlooville on 19/5 on Stress – A Yoga Teachers Guide. There is a day being planned in the North Area with Jean Danford on treating the elderly.

Aimee is expecting another little boy in August so will need a volunteer to cover the inbox for a while.


Marketing (Tasha)
Nothing to report this time.

PR (Zoe)
This has now been launched and appears to be working well, with only positive comments from members so far as I am aware. Jo Standen is now looking after the website administration with technical back-up from Charles when required.

Magazine advertising for 2019 is planned as follows:

Yoga Magazine:
April issue – half page vertical ad, existing advertising artwork (£375)
August issue – half page vertical ad, new advertising artwork (£375) (Jason)
November issue – half page vertical ad, new advertising artwork (£375) (Jason)
Includes free rotational banner advert on our YOGA website throughout the period from April to November.

OM Yoga Magazine:
June issue (teacher training special supplement) – (Half page £475 +vat), new advertising artwork (Jason)
Includes supporting editorial – Helen Sutcliffe will be writing an article on behalf of FRYOG to be included in this supplement, entitled: ‘Getting class confident. How to boost your confidence as a newly qualified teacher’. 500-750 word count max to be supplied by 2 April.

London OM Yoga Show, Show programme (Half Page – £540 + vat) – new advertising artwork (Jason)

New Logo Marketing
X 500 self-cling window stickers have been produced for qualified FRYOG teachers to display in their car windows. Stickers have been sent to Luke, DBO, in order for newly qualified teachers to receive one in addition to their certificate. They have also been provided to the following area officers, with instructions on offering them at arranged CPD days for a £1 donation, with all money going to FRYOG’s chosen charity, Nirvanavan in India. They have received details on how Lesley, Treasurer, would like the money banked and referenced.

Tamasine Hoad
Ann Key
Kay (Kamna Sarna)
Victoria James
Amy Billings

*waiting on addresses for Sarah and Angela

This new ‘Qualified Teacher’ logo has also been made available on the website as a download in order for teacher members to benefit from using the logo on their own marketing materials.

FRYOG branded pull-up banners
X4 additional pull-up stand banners have been produced and sent out to the following area officers, in order for them to be displayed at CPD events:

Amy Billings, Ann Key, Victoria James, Kay (Kamna Sarna)

This brings the total to x6 banners, with the original two banners currently with Tamasine Hoad and Sheila Coombes.

Friends of Yoga will not have a presence at the Om Yoga Show this year but will be at the Buddhafield Festival in July.


Reading Quaker Hall was the agreed venue be found for 2020 Bi-AGM. Secretary to make the booking – probably looking at 19th September – tbc.

Date and venue for next meeting

Next Executive Committee Meeting – 6th October 2019. Venue tbc.