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Fran and Jessie Cat
7 Church Road, Locks Heath, Southampton, Hampshire SO31 6LW

Yoga for Living offers a physically less demanding restorative style of Yoga.

Classes are based on the classical aspects of Yoga including breathing, kriya, sound work, deep relaxation, philosophy and meditation. This is not power, vinyasa flow or dynamic yoga and is not suitable for those wanting to work hard and get fit. Yoga for Living is for people who need a calm, supportive environment or have physical limitations or who wish to learn how to live in a quieter, less stressful way.

I started teaching Yoga immediately after my training with the Friends of Yoga Society (FRYOG) in 1984. I am now a senior teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience. Catching chicken pox as an adult had a severely debilitating effect on my nervous system and caused paralysis in my legs that is slowly receding. Because of this I have created a blend of accessible yet effective and enjoyable practices for those who face the challenges of an aging body, chronic illness or just want to enjoy a relaxing, restorative yoga practice in a peaceful, friendly place away from the rush and hurry of the world.

Yoga philosophy is included to give students the mental skills to manage the ups and downs of life. The class is suitable for beginners or people with experience who want to "gear down" from the more active types of yoga or maybe find out a bit more about yoga beyond the physical aspects. Chair based options are given for those who prefer not to be on the floor.

Classes are in the Grove Room at St John's Church, Locks Heath. The address is 7 Church Road, Locks Heath, Hampshire SO31 6LW

Thurs 4.30 to 6.00 pm and 6.30 to 8.00 pm

£10.00 drop in or £32.00 for four weeks.

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