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40 Machon Bank, Sheffield S7 1GP

My name is Gail Stephens and I am a registered yoga teacher and minded yoga therapist.

I teach hatha and yin yoga studio-based classes in and around Sheffield.  My classes are gently challenging, welcoming those who are new to yoga alongside those who have more experience on the mat.  I am also committed to taking yoga out of the studio and into the wider community; I teach the patients at a local GP surgery and I am working with a project to bring yoga to older BAME women.

I teach specialised therapeutic yoga to small groups – working with people who have chronic back pain; people who have CFS/ME, fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders; and people who are experiencing burnout, stress, anxiety, depression.

I also practice as a Minded Yoga Therapist; working with individual clients to create personalised programmes which empower them to find their way towards increased health and wellbeing, and become their best self.

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Phone: 07545767856

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