Friends of Yoga has been working hard on making a new website for our members.  This has included upgrading our membership system to 

  • allow us to more easily comply with new GDPR privacy laws
  • give you control over the details we hold
  • easily renew membership online
  • for teaching members, cpd records can be logged by members and there is an option to advertise and manage class details
  • better visibility of your own membership status
  • reduce the workload for our volunteer officers

The aim is to have a website that makes it easy to find the information you need and to make it easy to provide news and updates.

What do you need to do next?

To maintain your FRYOG membership, we need you to to sign up and create an online membership account.  Any old online accounts will no longer exist.

If you have yet to Renew your membership for 2019 please register via the website (here: and follow the instructions, including the “Stripe” checkout – you can use debit or credit card.

It will also renew your membership annually, unless your card expires, in which case you will receive a reminder in advance to update your card details.

If you usually pay by standing order it would really help our admin if you could cancel your standing order for future payments and then use the new website payment option. It ensures we store the necessary data consent to allow us to comply with privacy regulations and we don’t need to perform any manual checking in bank accounts. Please go to the website via this link and follow the instructions, including the “Stripe” checkout – you can use debit or credit card to enable annual payments.  When your card expires you will receive a reminder in advance to update your card details for future payments,

If you have already renewed your membership recently please still go on to the website to create an account but do not pay for membership. Once you have done this please email me, and I will amend your account so you can view the members area.

With the new system you will have control and you can cancel your membership and future payments at any time via the website, as well as easily completely removing your data if desired.