I wanted to introduce myself!

I am Amy Billings and I have taken up the role of Area Officer for the South West (South) and am keen to connect with you all to understand how best I can make myself useful to you!
So a little about me. Most exciting point first! I am engaged to marry my man in June of this year after 9 years together (at the ripe age of 40 – thought it would never happen) and we share our lives with our family of four children between us, although not really children, they age from 17 to 25!
After taking a yoga class weekly when my son was young with the lovely Donna, I quickly discovered my love for yoga and the benefits it brings. I qualified as a FRYOG teacher in January 2010 after completing my diploma, however continued to work full time in the corporate world. I did manage to teach one class a week for colleagues on a Monday night and that class is still going strong to this day! However one class a week and the odd cover class is all I managed alongside a very stressful job.
I am happy to tell you I quit my job almost a year ago now and have been discovering life outside of the corporate world! What a whirlwind it has been and one thing is for sure, I still LOVE my practice and sharing it with others. I believe having a community in which we can support and be supported in order to develop and deepen our practice and spread the joy, to be of the utmost importance!
This is why I have volunteered to be the Area Officer for us Southerners!
I would love to hear from you to understand your ideas/needs for future CPD’s and indeed any other ideas you have to help us build our FRYOG community down in the South.

I have already made contact with Darren Cockburn, author of ‘Being Present’ and ‘Living a Life of Harmony’ to understand if he would be willing to come and share his wisdom on Mindfulness as part of a CPD. He was very interesting and very willing! I would love to get your thoughts, so please get in touch.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Amy x

Area Officer South West (S)
(Hampshire and Isle of Wight)

Email: amy.yoga@hotmail.com
Tel: 07403 297914