Exploring body, breath, and mind with Mindful Yoga

More and more people are using mindfulness as a tool to get through trying times. But what exactly is mindfulness? It is best described as the process of being attuned to and aware of the passing of the present moment.

Mindfulness entails checking in with the sensations and emotions within and around us. It is also a happy place where we can experience great strength and resilience and cultivate growth and transformation.

We can also nurture empathy and compassion for ourselves and others through mindfulness. Accessing this state can be hard, but it is present within us all.

We just need the practice to learn how to harness the powers of the body, the breath, and the mind in order to observe with lucidity, accept with calmness and reach a place of stillness.

If you are curious about what mindfulness can do for you then this day long CPD course offered by Laurent could be perfect for you.

During those 5 hours of practice, Laurent will offer a blend of body, breath and meditation practices based on his own approach to yoga that he calls ‘mindful yoga’.

Mindful yoga offers a myriad of techniques taken from the yoga tradition, eastern spiritual works, and Buddhism as well as more contemporary techniques such as somatic movements. Of course, every strand of mindful yoga is infused with decades of experience that Laurent has accrued as a teacher and a student.

Open to all FRYOG members

Laurent Roure via Denise Hazel

Join Laurent Roure for a day by the sea, in this Hatha CPD day. Laurents’ approach is humble, accessible, mindful & steeped in Hathas roots.

Set some time for self care, education, joy & laughter. As closed doors open again, settle in for release, reset & rest.

5 hour CPD

26th June 2021

11.30am – 5.30pm

Langstone Quays Hotel
Hayling Island
P011 ONQ

Free on site parking
Restaurant serving refreshments & food (payable)

A beautiful waterfront cafe is a 2 minute walk round to the Marina. Of course, feel free to bring your own lunches & sit by the water. The Hotel is surrounded by sea and wildlife. West facing with stunning sunsets.

Price £45 per person for FRYOG members.

Please contact Denise AO for Hampshire, Dorset & the Isle of Wight.

Denise Hazel



07903 681258

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