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Here’s what you can expect:

Hatha Yoga combines physical postures with breathing exercises and meditation for a gentle and calming experience. You’ll find it helps you unwind and release tension, easing muscular discomfort in your back and is a great support to your mental health. We’re certified and accredited with the Friends of Yoga Society RYS200.

Mindfulness is a type of meditation that helps you focus on what you’re sensing and feeling in the moment. It involves breathing methods, guided imagery and other practices that relax your body and mind helping to reduce stress. As an accredited Mindfulness Now service, we provide a gentle, kind and compassionate programme with regular tips and hints to help you manage your daily tasks. All you need is a safe and clutter-free space roughly an exercise mat in length so we can do exercise and movement together online.

Personal training with a corrective exercise specialist will help you move better during workouts and in everyday life. It reduces the stress put on your body so is ideal to help you maximise your health during rehab. We’ll get you moving daily away from structured spaces like gyms and teach you how to pay attention to your body. We’re certified with by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Kindness, compassion and self-love are essential if you’re to find a happier, healthier, balanced life. Our wellness programmes will support your counselling journey towards Sweet Mental Health.

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