FRYOG Constitution

1.  NAME
The Name is:

Friends of Yoga Society International (FRYOG)

2.  AIMS
The aims are:-
2.1  To encourage the study and practice of Yoga
2.2  To provide certificated Teacher Training Courses in comprehensive Yoga
2.3  To provide a register of Diploma holders
2.4  To provide Continuous Professional Development, CPD opportunities

3.1  An Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held every two years. A Quorum shall be 20 members with each member attending the meeting having one vote.
3.2  The Society’s financial year will commence on 1st April and end on 31st March.
3.3  The affairs of FRYOG shall be managed by an Executive Committee.
3.4  The Executive Committee will be elected by the members and confirmed at the AGM.
3.5  The Executive Committee shall consist of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer,  Education Officer, Diploma Board Officer, Internal Communications Officer, Public Relations &  Events Officer, Website Officer and Membership Officer plus any other non-Executive Officers as deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.
3.6  The Committee will meet at least twice a year and at each Committee meeting a Quorum shall be four members.
3.7  The Treasurer shall keep a true record FRYOG’s financial affairs and present Annual accounts to the members at the AGM.
3.8  An annual membership fee shall be recommended by the Committee and approved by members at the AGM.
3.9  Annual membership fees are due on an annual rolling basis.
3.10  The membership fee for Executive Committee members will be waived for the period they volunteer for the Society, the membership fee will become payable when Executive Committee membership ceases.
3.11  The Committee shall appoint any other officers as required to further the aims of FRYOG.

4.1  Membership shall be open to any person interested in furthering the aim of FRYOG and who has paid the annual membership fee.
4.2  The committee may terminate the membership of any individual member if it considers that that member has flouted the aims of FRYOG.

5.1  Any FRYOG Diploma holder may apply to become a Teacher Training Tutor provided that they are
fully paid members of FRYOG and have a minimum of five years post qualification teaching  experience.
5.2  Any FRYOG Diploma holder may apply to become an assessor for both theory and practical assessments provided that they have held the FRYOG Diploma for a minimum of five years. During this period they should have been teaching Yoga on a continuous basis.
5.3  No graduate of a tutor should assess that tutor’s students, in order to retain independence of judgement.
5.4  Any member of FRYOG can apply to become a Yoga teacher provided that
they are fully paid members of FRYOG and have attended a Yoga class regularly under a fully qualified tutor for a minimum of two years prior to application.

6.1  The Terms of Reference of FRYOG, outlined in the Constitution, may be amended or revised by ordinary resolution approved by the members at the AGM.