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1 The Stables, Corhampton Lane Farm, Corhampton, Southampton, United Kingdom SO32 3NB

Vicky qualified in July 2008 with The Friends of Yoga Society International and hasn’t looked back since, teaching classes to all abilities from gentle restorative yoga to advanced, challenging, strong and energising classes. She is very passionate about the way yoga leaves you feeling and its benefits and enjoys sharing her knowledge. Whether it’s emotional, physical or mental Vicky caters to each individual’s needs. Every single one of her students are important to her. Her classes are small so this enables her to dedicate time to each student.

Vicky’s strengths and expertise lies in helping her students to deepen their understanding of the links between their bodies and state of mind. She does this by focusing on the body and the breath, drawing our minds back to the present moment. Not only does she uses The Asanas (postures) to channel the energies to focus the mind, but also to align the body and improve flexibility and balance, to build strength and stability and to stimulate the glands, organs, muscles and nerves, relieving muscle tightness and improving circulation and digestion. Emotionally an inner strength is gained, anxiety improves and stress is replaced by a calmer being. By opening the body with Asanas and breathing techniques we can then begin to open the mind and make it more receptive to inner calmness making it less challenging to relax.
The aim in yoga is to centre yourself. Vicky will help you to achieve this. Physically it feels bad being off-balance, feeling centred in a yoga pose helps you to become calmer and more focused and this can benefit you in other areas of your life.
The whole point is to start practising letting go, eventually being able to reduce stress and anxiety.

The moment you start to practise yoga and focus your attention on your body, your breath and your mind, you will start to experience a more subtle and flexible body, a calmer and more focused state of mind with more awareness to yourself, leaving you feeling more content and happy.

Approved as a tutor with Friends of Yoga Society International, her students began her first Yoga Teacher Training Course in September 2013 and she now continues with 3 different teacher training courses to compliment her weekly yoga classes.



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