FRYOG Secretary Vacancy

Chris asked me to contact you all to ask if you might consider taking on the role of FRYOG Secretary. She has done an amazing job keeping everything very well organised for us and maintaining the smooth running of FRYOG for many years. She has very much earned the right to step down and hand over to another FRYOG member.

Do you have a little bit of spare time that you can devote to helping the little band of FRYOG volunteers keep our valuable yoga community running smoothly?

Below is a short description of the role and if you think that you might be able to help out or you’re not sure and need to know more…….

please contact Chris Clist, email :- for more information on how to apply.

Job Outline for Secretary

To be welcoming representative, showing the friendly voice of FRYOG.

To write and circulate the Agenda for Executive Committee Meetings – standard format – twice a year.

To take and circulate the Minutes from Executive Committee meetings.

To answer email enquiries or from the contact page on Website.

To direct enquiries to the appropriate officer.

To liaise with the Chairman and all Officers of the Society.

To take and circulate the Minutes at the Bi-AGM – standard format.

To represent FRYOG’s interests and beliefs to other yoga organisations.

Send a copy of the Newsletter/Bulletin to any members who do not have an email address or without a Computer.

Annually, liaise with our Insurers and Membership Officer to ensure that the people listed under the FRYOG discounted insurance are still current FRYOG Members.

Other projects as necessary.