Yoga and Astrology Workshop

27th April 2024

10am – 4-30pm


At Yoga Belleza

Join Vicky and Jackie for a day of Yoga and Astrology under the light of the Sagittarius Moon. The sign of the Moon (Cancer) rises over the horizon as we start our day, and the Moon links with Planets of higher knowledge, spiritual philosophies (Jupiter), and Astrology (Uranus), making this the perfect day for nurturing our body, mind and spirit connection through our Yoga practise, and for developing a way of living “in tune” with the Moons energy that can soon become a daily routine.

Vicky will guide us through a morning Yoga practise in relation to the energy of the moon.

After lunch Jackie will teach us how to work with the Moon, tracking her cycles and phases, and using them in planning our daily activities.

Refreshments included.

Please contact Vicky at or

mobile 07761977537 for more details or to book

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