Sunday 6th October 2019 – Fareham
10.00 am – 2.15 pm


Present: Tasha Wellstead – Marketing (internal)
Zoe English – Public Relations (external)
Christine Clist – Secretary Luke Voulgarakis – Diploma Board Officer
Lesley Hilton – Treasurer
Jo-anne Standen – Website Co-ordinator (guest)

Apologies: Aimee Newton – Training & Standards Officer


No Matters arising

SECRETARY’S REPORT – Christine Clist

Chairperson Vacancy

The Secretary reported that she had received an email the evening before the Executive Meeting from Helen Sutcliffe advising that Greta Dabek has volunteered to fill our vacant post of Chairperson. The Committee were delighted and unanimously agreed that Greta should be offered the role. Until September 2020 the role will be known as Acting Chairperson – to be formally voted in by our Members at the Bi-AGM.

Next Bi Annual General Meeting

The next Bi AGM will be held on Saturday, 19th September, 2020 and as in previous years will be at the Reading Quaker Meeting Hall 10.00 am 4.00 pm. Our guest this time will be Liz Lark.

Secretary’s Role

I, as Secretary formally advised the Executive Committee that I will be retiring from the Executive Committee next year so will not be standing for re-election at the next Bi AGM. It has been 12 very enjoyable years but now time for a change. The role will be advertised shortly.


Current membership numbers – 464. Within this total figure there are approximately 91 of our members who have not yet created their account on the new website.

Membership Officer is standing down in January so again we will be recruiting for this post.


Full report will be available at the end of October but the current bank balance stands at
£21,537.67 as at 1st October 2019.


Currently there are 387 users who have created their accounts on the website this has increased from 258 in March. Of this number 364 are active subscriptions up from 234 last March.

Teacher Register

FRYOG Teachers on the register have also increased from 65 last March to the current number of 94.


There are 2 CPD’s listed Mindfulness and Meditation on 19th Oct 2019 and Pranayama 23rd November 2019.

No CPD reviews received so far for the website. A review has been included in the August Newsletter. Proposed Action Add form to website for participants to send in their reviews and news items. These can be used in Mailchimp Newsletter and added to website.

Members Competition

A competition was organised to encourage members to visit the site. Members were asked to find out their new Membership number from the site and email it to Membership Officer. Prize winner was Dolores Burton. Dolores won up to £60 worth of CPD vouchers.

Teacher Training

Foundation, 200hrs and 500hrs syllabuses available to download. Zoe has provided cleaner and brighter versions of the Foundation and 200hrs syllabuses. Thank you, Zoe! Awaiting new 500 hrs syllabus in same format before making change.

Yoga Holidays and Retreats

Four items were offered this year.


2018/19 courses completed
5 x Foundation (34 students)
14 certified
20 not submitted

5 x 200 Hour (30 students)
28 certified
2 not submitted

2019/20 courses booked
3 x Foundation (22 students) with Sheila Coombes, Debbie Avery and Vicky Bedford
4 x 200 Hour (26 students) with Helen Sutcliffe, Vicky Bedford, Sheila Coombes & Amanda Coulson.
The Diploma Certificate to be reviewed with regard to signatures and design. DBO to contact/liaise with our Director of Education, Amanda Coulson. It was also discussed that the Certificates could be sent electronically.


Nothing to report this time – Aimee is on Maternity Leave

MARKETING/PR REPORT – Tasha Wellstead / Zoe Smart

Marketing (Tasha)

£25.00 will be the new standard fee for non CPD advertising. For this fee the advert will be placed on the Website, Facebook and Newsletter. The advert must submitted on an agreed format – a template to be formulated for this.

PR (Zoe)


Planned 2020 FRYOG advertising:

Yoga Magazine:

April issue – half page vertical ad.
August issue – half page vertical ad.
November issue – half page vertical ad.
Includes free rotational banner advert on YOGA website throughout the period from April to November – TBC

OM Yoga Magazine:

June issue (teacher training special supplement) – half page advert
Includes supporting editorial – TBC – contributor required.

London OM Yoga Show

Show programme half page

We are not planning any future stands at the OM Yoga Show but 2020 yoga festivals are currently being researched to assess their suitability for FRYOG marketing activity to take place from a small stand.


The Treasurer pointed out that the Executive Committee do not receive any payment for their time and commitment for the work they do in running the Friends of Yoga organisation.
She suggested that active members of the committee should receive some kind of remuneration by way of a small goodwill gesture in the form of perhaps the annual membership payment to be reimbursed/waived and a free CPD day. The reasoning behind this suggestion is to promote recruitment and retention of volunteers and to show that the work they do is valued by FRYOG.

Due to the time and commitment involved in the work they do, the Treasurer also proposed that the Website and Membership Officers become part of the Executive Committee. The current Committee are in agreement.

These two proposals will be on the Agenda at the Bi-AGM in September to be discussed with our Members.

Luke also suggested that the Executive Committee could gain additional benefit from team building activities (as yet to be defined) with reasonable expenses for these covered by FRYOG.

CPD – Structure/Recording/Checking – to be an Agenda item for the next Executive Committee Meeting.

Area Officers

The Executive Committee would like to have more of a 2 way dialogue with the Area Officers. Therefore, it was suggested that they be invited to join the next Executive Committee Meeting (it was hoped that some may have been able to come this time, but in fairness it was rather short notice for them). We would also be very happy to see the Tutors and Assessors as well. Secretary to send out communication to invite them (and a reminder nearer the time)

Date and venue for next meeting
Next Executive Committee Meeting – 8th March 2020 – Fareham.