Sunday 8th March 2020 – Fareham

10.00 am – 2.30 pm





 Greta Dabek                                       – Acting Chair

Tasha Wellstead                                 – Marketing (internal)

Zoe English                                         – Public Relations (external)

Christine Clist                                      -Secretary

Aimee Newton                                     -Training & Standards

Lesley Hilton                                       – Treasurer

Jo-anne Standen                                – Website Co-ordinator (guest)



Luke Voulgarakis                                – Diploma Board Officer



 Clarification on AOB October 2019 Minutes: –

Due to the time and commitment involved in the work they do, the Treasurer also proposed that the Website and Membership Officers become part of the Executive Committee. The current Committee are in agreement.  This to be ratified at the Bi-AGM in September 2020.




There was an effective handover from the previous Chair: Maggie Brocklehurst. I monitor the chair.fryog@gmail box although I have a new email:

which I will send to the Executive Committee.


  • Action: GD to send new email as old one was problematic. Actioned after meeting.


Since becoming Acting Chair in October 2019, over six months ago, I have trialled ‘’ meetings with a few members. There is a free of charge option and I have used that.  The meetings can run for more than 40 minutes.  This was the first executive meeting using the platform. It is a video- teleconferencing system and gives us economy and convenience for talking over a long distance without the current risks of travel and accommodation.


Working with Chris, FRYOG Secretary, initially by email, then phone and finally it has been easy to find out key issues that have been arising and some of which now follow.

All the Executive Committee were contacted by prior to this meeting to introduce myself during the last six months and to suggest teleconferencing.


  • Action: GD to host future executive meetings by where face-to-face meetings are not viable.


Hosting meetings in the north and south of the country

There is a future plan for a few executive officers to attend meetings in the north and the south of the country and for these meetings to be put on the website. This is to help to bolster the organisation. It has been suggested that where the north offers half-a-day CPD it is extended to a full day so that it counts under the rules as a full CPD day and so runs from 10 to 4pm. This could be sent to Tasha for the website so that if people want to attend a face-to-face meeting only it can take place between 2-4pm. It doesn’t have to be at the same venue necessarily. Most of the CPD training can be done in the first half of the day.

It is a balance in creating good networking with the membership and providing training.


  • Action: GD to discuss further and Tasha, Marketing Officer, to advertise as things progress.


Filling volunteer vacancies and structure of FRYOG

A vibrant northern CPD event took place at Aston, just off junction 31 on the M1 motorway. It was evident from the feedback that the north wanted to stay as one strong structural unit with FRYOG.

Current known vacancies that can be applied for and need to be advertised included:

  • Chair
  • Secretary
  • CNH/ BCYT Representative
  • DBO Officer
  • Area Officers
  • FRYOG-trained Tutors

Action is being taken to do this by Exec Committee members.


Director of Training role

The Director of Training role is passing from Amanda Coulson to Helen Sutcliffe in July 2020 (Helen is also Area Officer for the North).  A big thank you to Amanda for her 18 years long service with FRYOG in various roles.


Clarification of roles and responsibilities

Any existing documentation on roles and responsibilities is to be located and communicated. Some posts may need to be revised in line with existing structure and membership. Further communication of this may enhance the filling of vacancies and broaden the knowledge of the extent of the roles to the membership. Those people who cannot be active in their roles should notify the executive committee so that the need for support can be advertised as soon as possible. In particular, the activation of more CPD days in membership areas need to be addressed by all.


  • Action: Secretary and executive.


Area Officer roles in each area discussed.

GD had made contact with Helen Sutcliffe and Amanda Green by telephone to find out their views.  Awareness of active Area Officers was noted by the Training & Standards Officer and it was thought that current areas should be aligned with membership numbers known by the new Membership Officer.


Scotland has no members and there is no activity. It appears that Midlands area may be misnamed as the Area Officer is in South Bucks. Helen, in the north, was therefore collecting members from the Midlands region and has taken them under her wing some travelling 60 miles for a CPD day. This makes Helen’s reach increasingly extensive.


  • Action: RS to find out the number of members by area. Further discussion to be held.


Organisation of meeting to be held on May 9th 2020 10am-12pm.

As many Executive Officers as possible to attend a meeting by to help engagement with the Area Officers.


  • Action: The Acting Chair will try and contact the Area Officers and provide education on video-teleconferencing so that those available can talk to members of the Executive Committee via where this is possible between 10 and 12 noon.




General discussion regarding the monitoring of CPD’s.  Work in progress, to be discussed again at the next Meeting.


FRYOG Certificates

Action: Aimee to look at print options in the absence of DBO




Foundation Course:

23 enrolled, 1 dropped out, so far 4 completed

Run by: Sheila Coombes, Vicky Bedford, Debbie Avery


200 Hour Course:

33 enrolled, 2 dropped out

Run by: Nickie Short, Helen Sutcliffe, Amanda Coulson, Sheila Coombes, Vicky Bedford


New Courses Starting 2020

Debbie Avery – 200 hour – 9 people


Other updates

Electronic certificates now being used, tutors notified (in conjunction with posted certificates) Check lists no longer required, simply email documents to DBO.

First 3 certificates sent out.

Updated the reading list as requested at the last meeting.


Replacement DBO needs to be recruited as Luke has stepped down. Maggie Brocklehurst is happy to continue doing pairings.




Marketing (Tasha)

We still have a problem with our members not supplying content for our Newsletters. T&S Officer to share some of her blogs but we still need more contributions to make it worthwhile publishing


Recruitment Newsletter to go out w/c 16 March.


Survey tools. Survey Monkey looks like our favoured option.

A document has been created and available for members to reference when submitting their events for advertising purposes.  It is currently more Facebook specific than website advertising, but will share with Website Officer for her to add in any web requirements.


  • Action: To check temporary storage of DBO documents


PR (Zoe)


Magazine advertising for 2020 is planned as follows:


Yoga Magazine:

April issue – half page vertical ad, new updated artwork

August issue – half page vertical ad, as above

November issue – half page vertical ad, as above

Includes free rotational banner advert on our YOGA website throughout the period from April to November.


OM Yoga Magazine:

June issue (teacher training special supplement) – Half Page ad, with editorial opportunity for FRYOG to contribute an article relating to teacher training between 500-700 words max, no later than 17th April. This is to be offered out to the Area Officers in the first instance.


London OM Yoga Show

Show programme – Half Page ad


Event Activity

Tamasine Hoad has offered to attend the Watford Yoga & Vegan Festival 21 March 10-6.30pm, includes talks, workshops, stalls, activities, classes. 30 classes, 20 teachers, 50 stalls, 3 partner charities. Free entry to stalls.


Enquiry has gone into the organisers enquiring about a stall for Tammy to have. She has a pull-up banner with FRYOG branding, and we will supply lead generation forms and leaflets. FRYOG to cover her expenses – travel and subsistence.

Also, made enquiry regarding possible teaching slot.


FRYOG branded pull-up banners

X1 broken pull-up stand gone in for repairs or to be replaced if unrepairable with supplier. To be returned to Amy Davies.



 Next Bi Annual General Meeting

The next Bi AGM will be held on Saturday, 19th September, 2020 and as in previous years will be at the Reading Quaker Meeting Hall 10.00 am 4.00 pm.  Our guest this time will be Liz Lark.


  • General Action Points from the Meeting:
  • Send Treasurer documents in word format for updating i.e. Constitution, Expenses, Policies and Procedures
  • Contact DA re FRYOG Certificates
  • Contact VJ re CPD Feedback Forms
  • Send Excel Spreadsheets to Membership Officer
  • Organise LSA’s as appropriate



 The Committee welcomed Rachel to the post of Membership Officer.  Accurate membership numbers are not available at the moment due to 2020 renewals and the fact that some members have still not created an account on the FRYOG Website but have paid via the bank.  However estimated number between 450-480 members approximately.


  • Action: RS to find out the number of members by area. Further discussion to be held.




 Year end accounts should be received from Accountant by the end of April  but the current bank balance stands at £24,401.28 as at 28 February 2020.   To date FRYOG has received £28.00 for window stickers and a total of £458.22 from CPD donations.


The Treasurer has formalised the procure for volunteers applying for roles within FRYOG.



 There are 413 users up from 387 in October. Of this number 389 are active subscriptions up from 364 in October. The Teacher listing reads 76 down from 94 in October.  7 CPD’s are on offer on the website with 3 already completed for this year.


  • Action: Add form to website for CPD reviews and Member’s News items to be submitted.
  • Contact our website designer to sort out the renewal payments problem and get costings for training




A second application has been received for the post of FRYOG Chair, so a formal recruitment process has been drafted to ensure fairness to candidates now and in the future.

 Date and venue for next meeting

 Next Executive Committee Meeting – 10.00 am, Sunday 6th September, via Zoom