Chakra Dharana – Exploring The Chakras With Pranayama, Chanting, Meditation And Yoga Nidra

Subsidised CPD day

With Swami Satvikananda Saraswati
Saturday 9th February 2019
10am – 4pm
1st Kingston Hill Scout Group (Registered Charity No. 303755)
293 Park Road, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey KT2 5LY
If you would like a place please contact:
Tel: 07989 646675

Our energy body influences our complete Self so it is important to not only work with the physical body and the annamaya kosha with asanas but also to activate the chakras through the pranamaya kosha, and the higher koshas, using pranayama practices, chanting into the chakras with the bija mantras and meditation on the lotuses and the chakra elements. You will be using the unique practice of Yoga Nidra to explore the inner depths of the energy body and allowing yourself to experience the direct relationship between the kshetrams, trigger points, of each chakra, and the chakra itself through guided meditation. Handouts will be given and chakra mandalas will be available for you to take away and colour so you can use them as your own tool for Meditation at home.

Swami Satvikananda is a yoga Swami initiated by Swami Niranjanananda in Bihar, North East India. She always teaches Satyananda Yoga and is a yoga teacher and therapist with over forty years experience both as a student and a teacher.

Please bring a VEGETARIAN lunch to SHARE. No MEAT or FISH please