CPD Training Day with Mollie Morris

Somatic approaches to yoga: incorporating intuitive movement into your yoga classes


Sunday 12th May 2024


10:00am – 4:00pm


Westbrook Hall, Tempest Avenue, Waterlooville, Hampshire PO7 8NU




FRYOG South West (South) Area CPD Training Day – Somatic approaches to yoga: incorporating intuitive movement into your yoga classes

In this workshop, we will explore different ways of approaching yoga, from a perspective of intuition, exploration and improvisation. This approach will help you generate new ways into yoga poses, new sequences and new strategies for injuries in yourself and in your students. We will practice in ways that encourage deep listening with the body, and explore how to share so that people feel open to possibilities of what their body can do.

You might love this workshop if: you feel a bit bored with your teaching if your teacher training focused on a set sequence or set of instructions and you are looking for ways to feel more creative and responsive to your students. if you get stuck when people present with injuries or pain if you are feeling pain from your yoga practice & teaching there are aspects of the instructions you teach that don’t feel true or right to you anymore.

What will you get? We will explore practising yoga through a somatic lens – not trying to fit your body into a pose, but letting movements help you explore and deepen the possibilities of your body. We will learn new strategies for encouraging embodiment in your students, and for approaching injuries and physical challenges.

What can you expect? A guided yoga class, playful sequencing exercises, workshopping ideas with each other and a deeper connection to your own intuition and embodiment. Come prepared to move and be in your body, but to practice being a teacher too. A life-long mover and creative being with over 22 years of teaching experience, Mollie guides people to feel and connect to themselves through yoga practice that is healing, nourishing and life-affirming. Her journey with yoga has been through Ashtanga and Forrest yoga, integrating her dance training and somatic practices, with the embodiment practices of Franklin Method. She is currently training as a physiotherapist to work more with injuries and specific movement challenges. Mollie creates classes that weave together unique choreography, detailed biomechanical concepts, yogic wisdom and embodied self-reflection. While loving the intricacy of the body’s design, Mollie has a talent for explaining complex concepts with simplicity and humour. More than that, her guidance leads you into the experience in the body, rather than leaving you stuck in your head.


Anita Howarth – Area Officer for South West (South)

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Email: anita@anita.yoga

Telephone: 07570797081

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