CPD – Chakra Workshop – 1st July 2023

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CPD Chakra Workshop 1st July 2023 10am-4pm £60.00 Chakras are an essential part of the energy body of each of us. How smoothly your own Chakras function determines how comfortable you feel in your physical body, how successful your relationships are and how much inner peace you are able to enjoy. By practicing yoga and meditation regularly you help to keep them as clean, open and operational as possible, [...]

An Introduction to Ayurveda – 8th July 2023

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An Introduction to Ayurveda 8th July 2023 10am-4pm £60.00 The Day will commence with a 2 hour yoga practise to balance the Doshas. After lunch I will give a talk on the basics of Ayurveda and how we can adapt this ancient holistic science into our everyday routine (Dinacharya), using yoga, foods, herbs and lifestyle changes, depending on your Vikriti Dosha Type (imbalance) to obtain optimum health. Tea and [...]

Park Place Yoga Retreat – Fri 28th July – Sun 30th July 2023

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Park Place Yoga Retreat Date Friday 28th July - Sunday 30th July 2023. Timings Arrive 4pm Friday Leave 2pm Sunday. Location Park Place Centre Wickham Hampshire PO17 5HA. Price £275. Description A little advance notice for Friends of Yoga Society members that I will be running a summer yoga retreat at Park Place in 2023. More details and a booking form can be found on my website www.jotheyogateacher.co.uk. Organiser [...]


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A COMING TOGETHER OF FRYOG TEACHERS 14th July 2023 at 6.30pm at Yoga Belleza, 1 The Stables, Corhampton Lane Farm, Corhampton, SO32 3NB A wonderful evening was spent on 12th May with beautiful souls, discussing challenges we sometimes face as yoga teachers, passions and sharing our expertise in our fields…. and of course we had cake. Our next meeting is 14th July at 6.30pm Sometimes being a yoga teacher [...]

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